FRANK SCOTT, Dipl. C.H., Ac.
National Board Certified in Chinese Herbology & Acupuncture
State Licensed

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the patient views his or her symptoms through a rich and sophisticated diagnostic system based on thousands of years of clinical experience. A clear path for healing emerges that addresses not only symptoms, but the enduring constitutional imbalances that lead to disharmony. I honor the unique story of each individual and the collaboration between patient and practitioner that it requires. The Chinese medical model can help you envision how to optimize health, anticipate recurrent challenges and shape a lifestyle that allows you to respond flexibly and successfully to stress. In Chinese medicine this is called yang sheng , “nourishing life” principles, which represent your awareness of your own adaptive capacity – knowing how you are constituted and using that knowledge pro-actively. Working together to reveal those unique principles we develop a customized plan for true health-care.

Frank Scott is National Board Certified in Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture and is state licensed. He has been an educator in Oriental medicine for eighteen years and is Academic Dean of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago . He has been in practice for twenty years.

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